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Graco designs and manufactures thousands of fluid handling products and solutions for the industries we pursue around the world. Simple parts feeder systems from Graco. Doig Corporation is an authorized Graco Flex Feeder distributor in the midwest.


Flexible parts feeder capable of handling most small to medium sized component parts. G-Flex is a unique flexible parts feeding solution Designed, Developed and Manufactured by the REAL End User of the product – Graco. With its one size fits most applications approach, G-Flex delivers the ultimate in flexibility.

Delivers Flexible Feeding Benefits
  • Seamless part change-over without time consuming and costly set-up
  • High tolerance for process contamination (oily parts, chips, etc. are no problem)
  • Easily accommodates a wide range of part sizes and shapes
  • Stand-Alone, Easy-to-Integrate Package
  • One size fits most applications
  • Minimal interface is required – simply connect power and one PLC input
  • Great Value
  • Attractively priced as compared to complicated bowl feeders
  • Pre-configured to meet most applications – significantly shorter delivery lead times compared to unique and highly customized bowl feeders

Ask your Doig Sales Rep to show you the G-Flex in action.

Watch the G-Flex in Action in this Video