JOULIN Safe & Light Cobot Vacuum Gripper

Another DOIG Solution for Packaging and Palletizing

Published on
December 7, 2022 10:38:35 AM PST December 7, 2022 10:38:35 AM PSTth, December 7, 2022 10:38:35 AM PST

Our partners at JOULIN have developed the “Safe & Light” Cobot vacuum gripping system to help you in palletizing and packaging applications. Designed for Collaborative Robots (“cobots”), this gripper can pick up to 20 times it's own weight!

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Handle all your product without any adjustment from cardboard boxes, to slip sheets, cans, wood boards, shrink wrapped packs and many other types

Valves technology available for constant gripping power regardless the type of product

Including new magnetic system EasyFoam for quick and easy foam replacement

Rugged and not affected by dust


Naturally adapted for collaborative application with his foam body

Extremely resistant for high duties with his carbon fibre structure

Available with internal or external vacuum generation


Robot fixing kit available for popular robots as well as specific needs on request (option)

Valve kit for venturi available for a “Plug and Play” solution (in option)