CLOOS Robotic Welding, Inc. is a worldwide leader in welding technology. For over 80 years, CLOOS has manufactured customized welding solutions. All system components are designed, developed and fabricated exclusively by CLOOS to ensure optimum compatibility.

The newest welding technologies, like TANDEM welding, MIG brazing, laser hybrid welding and PPAW are implemented into state-of-the-art robot and collaborative “cobot” systems, as are traditional welding processes such as GMAW and GMTW. CLOOS training and customer support reaches beyond initial start-up of new equipment. With CLOOS you are ensured that you will receive the best results for all your manufacturing needs.

Doig Corporation is an Authorized Distributor of CLOOS Robotic Welding systems in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

Qineo® ArcBoT Cobot Welding System

The CLOOS QINEO ArcBoT offers an easy entry into the world of automated welding. With the QINEO ArcBoT, you can weld even small batch sizes economically and with consistently high quality. The high-tech MIG/MAG welding power source and the very precise Doosan M1013 Cobot complement each other perfectly. In addition to the relief of the employees - especially with monotonous, repetitive tasks - you benefit from excellent welding results due to the reproducible quality


  1. Qineo ArcBoT 6-axis cobot arm with 6 torque sensors
  2. 350-amp gas-cooled welding torch package
  3. 4-roll wire drive unit
  4. Qineo StarT 406 high-tech welding power source
  5. 1000mm x 2000mm mobile welding table
  6. Doosan Cobot Controller


  • Quick programming - Automated welding from batch size 1
  • Simple operation - No previous knowledge of robot programming required
  • "Ready to weld" complete package Installation ready for welding within a few hours
  • Excellent welding quality - Reproducible welding results for maximum efficiency
  • High economic efficiency - Short payback time
  • Compact design - Space-saving for flexible adaptation to your production