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Doosan Robotics offers the industry's broadest line of collaborative robots! Super safe. Super easy. Super flexible. From 6 to 25 Kilogram payload! A great, productive robotics tool for factory applications. Doig Corporation is an authorized Doosan Integration partner.

Company Overview

Launched by Doosan Group, Korea's oldest and most prominent conglomerate, Doosan Robotics was founded in 2015 with its head office in South Korea. Since then, Doosan Robotics has been developing its cobot system based on its own technology, incorporating the professional knowledge of the industry's leading researchers. Doosan Robotics has its production site in Suwon with an annual capacity of 10,000 units and operates its Innovation Lab and Prototyping Lab along with R&D center.

Doosan robots are capable of world-class performances, demonstrated by a working radius of 900 to 1,700 millimeters, a load capacity of 6 to 25 kilograms, and sensitive collision detection sensors that ensure the safety of nearby workers. They are equipped with their own torque sensors on all six-joints, providing the industry's best collision sensitivity and carrying out more highly sophisticated tasks that previously required the dexterity of human hands. In recognition of the excellent user experience (UX) provided and their sophisticated, superior product design, Doosan robots received the Red Dot Design Award for two consecutive years ‒ in the "Interface & User Experience" category in 2017 and the "Product Design" category in 2018.

Doosan Robotics is firmly committed to establishing a leading position in the US market through its continuous R&D efforts, spearheading the growth of the industry.

Want to See How Flexible, Fast and Easy to Deploy a DOOSAN Cobot can be?

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