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WEINTEK DISTRIBUTOR WISCONSIN. WEINTEK is a leading global HMI manufacturer dedicated to development, design and manufacturing of HMI’s. DOIG Corporation is an Authorized Distributor of WEINTEK Motion Control HMI’s and Accessories. SHOP THE ENTIRE WEINTEK HMI, Gateway and Accessory line here

Basic, Standard and Advanced HMI’s utilizing Quad-core CPU to provide unparalleled computing power. Smooth and Intuitive Operation Experience Multi-touch gestures and transition effects deliver a revolutionary operation experience.

Easy installation in embedded application flush with the cabinet with dust-proof and waterproof. Open frame that allow the customer to control the cabiner and overlay seamlessly intergrates HMI with the equipment. Equipped with powerful Cortex A8 600MHz CPU.

HMI Server/Client HMI architecture, wireless access, Modbus gateway, OPC UA (optaioal) and remote access. the visual interface app can run on different platform devices including Android tablets (ARM or x86), Panel PC (Windows OS) and the cMT-iV5.

HMI with aluminium or plastic enclosure with high-resolution. Up to 70" wide angle viewing. Isolated RS-485, Cortex A8 1GHz CPU and PCB Coating Protection.

Cost-effective and Compact Solution Modularized design, Supports CANopen and MODBUS TCP/IP

Ultra-slim form factor and new color design, PCB corrosion prevention and built-in isolated RS-485. Equipped with powerful Cortex A8 600MHz CPU.

Harsh environments wirth aluminium enclosure, Equipped with powerful Cortex A8 800MHz CPU. Built-in Video Input, Audio Output, and CANbus

HMI with Fast Boost time, Low cost, 32-bit RISC 600MHz processor, Ethernet, NEMA4/IP65 compliant front panel programmed with easybuilder Pro

Introducing the cMTX Series of HMI's

  • Capacitive Touch Operation
  • Smooth and Intuitive Operation
  • Data Processing and Communications Ability
  • Integration of Different Brands of PLC’s
  • Top of the Line Processor- Quad-Core CPU Boasts Unparalleled Computing Power
The cMTX Series.
Computing and Smart Manufacturing on an IIoT Platform.

  • Easy Data Acquisition
  • Supports industrial protocols to overcome obstacles in integration between different PLC brands
  • Quick Configuration
  • Configurations are done in a GUI, taking only a few easy steps
  • Cost-effective Application
  • A cost-effective and effortless way to realize an IIoT application

EasyAccess 2.0, access your remote HMI from anywhere in the world.

You must have used instant messaging software such as Skype, Whatsapp, Line, or Wechat to instantly communicate with your friends wherever they are on-line without asking for their IP addresses. Now, Weintek offers a remote access service, EasyAccess 2.0 which enables you to access remote HMIs from anywhere in the world. EasyAccess 2.0 is just as easy to use as instant messaging software is. There is no need to memorize the HMI’s IP address or spend time on router setup, complicated port mapping configuration, and detailed network layer investigation when encountering abnormal connections. EasyAccess 2.0 solves all the problems above and provides complete solutions to help you easily – Access & Manage each remote HMI.

Easy Access 2.0