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DOIG Custom Automated Solutions

We’ve created these simple to deploy solutions for the most sought after automation projects. If you don’t have the time to design it yourself, choose from this list of pre-designed systems that can be customized to fit your application and plant. We’ve worked with our partners to create simple all-in-one solutions.

Palletizing Systems

Utilizing either collaborative or industrial robots, DOIG Solutions include a robot, telescoping lift tower, appropriate grippers for the product you’re picking and palletizing, along with the controls to simply integrate and operate.

Partners: Doosan Robotics, OnRobot, Joulin, SICK, WEINTEK

Welding Cobot

Working with our partners at CLOOS Welding, we’ve put together an All-in-One package that allows you to roll a welding cobot onto your production floor and be welding within hours. Doosan Cobots and Cloos Welding heads collaborate through a simple control system that will allow your best welders to concentrate on complicated parts while the cobot does the repetitive work.

Partners: Doosan Robotics, CLOOS Welding

Machine Base, Structural Framing and Perimeter Guarding Solutions

AngleLock systems provide us with limitless possibilities in machine frames, perimeter guarding, door construction and manufacturing furniture and fixture construction. As sturdy as steel, and much easier to work with than other aluminum structural components on the market.

Partners: AngleLock Systems, GSM

CNC Machine Tending Robotic Solutions

Run with fewer skilled machinists by utilizing either an industrial robot or a collaborative cobot. We’ve tailored some basic systems that will answer your call for another CNC machinist. Robot, grippers, controls, stands are all available to meet your machine tending needs.

Partners: Doosan Robots, OnRobot, Epson Robots, SCHUNK, SICK, WEINTEK

Pneumatic Assembly

DOIG’s Pneumatic team can provide pneumatic assemblies and sub-assemblies to make your machine build times shorter, easier and more reliable.

Partners: Emerson Discrete Automation (Numatics, Aventics)

Flexible Robot Pick and Vision Systems

We’ve designed several systems including a variety of sorting and picking options, all housed within a rolling cabinet machine base. Send us your part, we’ll help you sort, pick and place it in a pre-designed solution.

Partners: Epson Robots, Doosan Robots, Epson Intelliflex, ARS FlexiBowl, SCHUNK, WEINTEK