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icotek. Smart Cable Management.

icotek designs cable entry systems for industrial applications. Wherever there are electric lines, pneumatic hoses, hydraulic hoses or optical cables have to be securely routed into a machine, a plant or an electrical enclosure the icotek systems are in use. They tightly seal the routed lines and provide superior strain relief. If you have an application that has the possibility of extreme contamination by water, dust, vibration or extreme temperatures we offer reliable solutions. Doig Corporation is icotek’s authorized Wisconsin distributor.


  • Cable Entry Frames for Cables with Connectors
  • Cable Glands for Cables with Connectors
  • Cable Entry Plates for Cables without Connectors
  • Cable Entry Systems for Railroad Technology
  • Brush Cable Pass-Through

  • Strain Relief & Cable Management
  • 90 Degree Cable Pass-Through
  • EMC Cable Shield Clamps
  • CONFiX Cable Conduit System
  • Control Panel & Enclosure Accessories
  • ATEX Cable Entry Systems