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WATLOW DISTRIBUTOR WISCONSIN. Designer and manufacturer of industrial heaters, temperature sensors, RTD's, thermocouples, controllers and supporting software for thermal systems since 1922. Doig Corporation is an authorized Watlow distributor.

Watlow partners with its clients to optimize thermal performance, decrease design time and improve efficiency of their products and applications. Customers around the world use Watlow thermal products and solutions within their own equipment to generate, measure and control the delivery of heat. Wisconsin and the world's leading companies have consistently relied on Watlow to provide innovative solutions that will provide a competitive advantage and enable sustainable market growth. Watlow has the right heater, sensor or controller to meet your needs.

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Watlow Heaters

  • FIREROD and MULTICELL Cartridge Heaters
  • WATROD, FIREBAR and FINBAR Single and Double Ended Tubular Heaters
  • Flexible Heaters
  • WATROD, FIREBAR Immersion Heaters
  • Circulation Heaters
  • High Temperature and Specialty Heaters
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Watlow Temperature Controllers

  • Integrated Multi-Function Contollers
  • Temperature and Process Controllers
  • EZ-ZONE® PM Panel Mount Controllers
  • F4T Integrated Process Controller
  • Limits and Scanners
  • Temperature and Process Indicators
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Watlow RTD, Thermocouples & Sensors

  • MICROCOIL Thermocouples
  • Multipoint Thermocouples
  • Radio Frequency Thermocouples
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