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OnRobot LIFT100 Telescoping Tower- 7 Axis Reach

Out of the Box Deployment. Fast, Compact, Customizable.

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DOIG Corporation
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April 15, 2022 10:36:52 AM PDT April 15, 2022 10:36:52 AM PDTth, April 15, 2022 10:36:52 AM PDT

Palletizing solution from our friends at OnRobot!

The LIFT100, long-stroke, high-payload elevator enables a wide range of palletizing tasks.  It’s ideal for material handling, palletizing and machine tending applications. 


  • Long-stroke elevator creates a 7th axis for your robot arm to enable a wide range of future-proofed palletizing tasks
  • High-payload elevator with minimal deflection ensures precise positioning of boxes – even at high speeds
  • Robust design for reliable, long product life under all typical manufacturing conditions
  • Integrated safety features with TÜV-certified stop functionality to facilitate collaborative deployment
  • Out-of-the-box integration with the OnRobot palletizing solution shortens your deployment time

Learn more about the Lift100:

Learn more about the 2FGP20:

SCHEDULE A DEMO of the new LIFT100

OnRobot is a real innovator in the world of End of Arm Tooling.  See all of the OnRobot End of Arm Tooling solutions from DOIG Corporation here.

Doosan Cobots + OnRobot Grippers

The Highest Capacity Packaged Solution for Palletizing

Packaged with the Doosan H2017 or H2515 Collaborative robot, you’ll have a versatile, powerful palletizing solution for now and the future.


H2017 - 20kg 1700mm

H2515 - 25kg 1500mm

OnRobot Vacuum or Mechanical End of Arm Tooling provides you a wide range of picking tools for palletizing operations.  We’ll review the VPG20 and the new 2FGP20 box gripper.  20kg payload capability!